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This is the first time I describe myself as an artist publicly.

And not until very recently neither had I in private.

Even if I have always known, somewhere, deep inside, that I was. Or would become.

For years I have been an entrepreneur. And saw a higher calling in creating and building products, organizations and communities. Even if it left part of me wanting something more.

Or rather, wanting something else. That a piece or two were missing. That they never quite fit together. That whatever I did, I would have left something behind, that I couldn’t bring with me.

I would refer to entrepreneurship as an artform. But not until winding down Copenhagen Industries, did I realize that rather than trying to fit entrepreneurship into art, and through that myself, I was looking for creative expression in the wrong place.

I was an entrepreneur. I am an artist.

My pet projects haven’t been just that. They have been expressions of my voice. And so have my startups.

One chapter ends. Another begins.

And for the first time, all the pieces fit. Every single one of them.

My attraction to exploring new ideas, thoughts and abstractions, my unbridled curiosity, my aptitude for engineering and creation, my passion for telling stories and inviting people into worlds I have built, the ecstasy I get from enabling an audience to experience magic — and my deep rooted belief that the world can be changed for the better, by inspiring and enlightening people.

That the beholder can be truly changed, engaged and empowered, by enabling them to ask questions, gain perspective and be inspired by provocative and magical machinations.

My experiences have given me countless of tools to work with, but the journey in shaping my voice, has only just begun.

I thought I was a screenwriter. I thought I was a producer or writer, maybe even director. I thought I was an entrepreneur. I thought I was a CEO. I thought I was a chef. I thought I was a facilitator of creative process, an innovator, a product designer, maybe an engineer.

I am not. 

I am an artist.

And my journey has just begun.